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France Information

As the largest country in Western Europe, there is a huge potential choice of Chateau locations. Where you choose to buy and live depends upon many different factors including: price, landscape, weather, transport links, leisure activities, and gastronomic resources for wine and food!

The price of the Chateau will depend on location. For example, chateaux in and around Paris will be the most expensive as Paris in one of the most expensive capitals in the world. There is a huge concentration of Chateaux in the Loire Valley - there is great variation in prices. Limousin - in central France - offers great potential with very attractive prices!

French Transport Links

France has an excellent network of transport links via roads and railways throughout the country, so in general you would never experience any difficulty getting to and from your property. The national autoroutes are fast but expensive (tolls). The TGV (French high-speed train) are continually expanding their network making reaching your final destination even easier and faster.

Air France offers a domestic network covering the entire country from its hubs in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseilles, and it is easy to connect to other flights when arriving from the UK or from international destinations.

Various budget airlines are also offering more and more direct flights between smaller airports: from the UK Ryanair, FlyBe, and Easyjet offer cheap flights to most corners of France.

French Culture

Getting to grips with another culture and language is always a daunting task. Understanding France and the French is difficult to say the least! First some basics: France is divided into two halves: the industrial north and the traditionally agricultural south. This division of France has cultural importance. What makes France unique and unites the nation is a strongly centralised state and educational system.

The French can relate quite well to one another and can develop a very strong national identity in the face of adversity. Its colonial past and history also contributes strongly to its identity. It has always in the past, fully integrated its immigrants. Today's France is a multicultural mosaic. Most immigrants come from North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Today, France's population has migrated in very large numbers from rural areas to the cities. Today only 28% of French people live in rural areas.

French Tourism

France is a very popular destination for vacations - not just for its beaches and great climate but for diverse reasons appealing to many nations. The Tour de France is an international event that covers the whole country. Tourism is a major contributor to France's economy and all aspects of France's attractions are actively promoted from beautiful hotels, world famous restaurants through to the myriad of vineyards. For more information, maps and guides on French Tourism >> French Tourist Office.

Wine & Chateau

In the last 2 centuries many people associate wine with Chateau. Great wines, vineyards and magnificent chateaux - what a combination. The identity of wine and chateau has no doubt increased wine sales throughout the world.


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